Announcing SpoofCard for Business: Affordable Business Line Spoofing

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Over the last decade, we’ve seen business after business find immense value in using SpoofCard as a professional business line. 

From realtors and teachers, to mystery shoppers and investigators – all have found SpoofCard increases their productivity and efficiency within their industry.

SpoofCard gives many professionals the freedom to travel, but show their business line, regardless of the phone they’re calling from. This is one of the many reasons why we are so excited to announce SpoofCard for Business!

While the SpoofCard user interface will remain the same, there are a ton of benefits to switching from a personal account to a business account.

Save money AND time with SpoofCard for Business!

When you move from a personal account to a business account with SpoofCard, you’ll be saving money on each credit you buy. You’ll also be rewarded for usage, as the more you buy in bulk the less you spend per credit.

On average, SpoofCard customers on our personal plans pay 20 cents per credit. When you switch to a business account, you can pay as little as 10 cents per credit! With 50% savings, there’s no reason to not switch to our business plans.

Plus, there are no contracts and credits never expire. You’ll receive all of the freedom you had on your personal plan, with all of the benefits of being a business account.

You can place calls from any phone, but display your business line with SpoofCard. You can also send text messages through SpoofCard to save time and be able to dialogue with clients, without giving out your personal number.

Get access to a personal account manager

When you switch to a SpoofCard business account, you’ll automatically receive a designated account manager.

Now, instead of waiting for a response from our technical support team, you’ll have a primary contact that you can call or email with any and all questions.

Your personal account manager will also check in occasionally to let you know of promotions, to see if you have any questions, and handle any account user management at your request.

Manage multiple users from one SpoofCard Business Account

If you have multiple people within your company who need to display the same business line when making calls, SpoofCard business account is perfect for you.

You’ll have one master account that manages all of your sub-accounts. This also gives you control over who in the company can make purchases, distribute credits, and make changes.

Plus, if you have multiple personal accounts, we’ll do all the heavy lifting of transitioning all of your separate accounts into one! Just let us know what you’d like to do, and we’ll handle the rest.

Want to learn more about our corporate plans and how you can start saving money immediately? Click below to schedule time with our Product Manager, Amanda. Please provide your company name and phone number and she’ll be glad to answer any questions.

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