Call Spoofing for Real Estate Professionals and Landlords

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Caller ID spoofing is a tool that hundreds of thousands of real estate professionals and landlords use every day to stay one step ahead of their competitors in ever-evolving marketplaces.

Most landlords only get one or two opportunities a year to implement rent increases. That is just one or two opportunities to account for changing utility prices, taxes, new market inventory, etc.

If you get it wrong and overprice the market you can sit with vacancies. Underprice the market and you can quickly end up in the red.  Real estate managers have to know where their competitors are setting their prices at all times to make good business decisions, but competitors do not necessarily want to share that information. Call spoofing helps landlords gauge their market and solves other common issues landlords deal with every day.

Call spoofing is the process of changing your caller ID to protect your identity, and SpoofCard is the world leader in call spoofing services.  For landlords, this means you have the ability to call your competitors and measure their pricing without revealing your identity.  From your office phone, you can call any number, but show the caller ID of any number you choose. So where your caller ID would normally show up on your competitors’ phone as:

Village Square Real Estate  


With call spoofing, instead of showing the real number you’re calling from, you can make it show up as a completely different phone number. For example:

Smith, James*


Now you can identify yourself simply as a prospective tenant and gather pricing information you can use to better price your own real estate units in your local market. You can even disguise your voice to sound male or female and add background noises (such as outside road traffic) to prevent your competitors from catching on.

Once you use SpoofCard to assist your competitive research, you will likely be surprised by all of the other uses you will find for the product as a landlord.  For example, if you or your staff ever need to respond to a maintenance emergency after hours, you might find that you need to call your tenant from your home number or personal mobile phone.  Rather than give up your personal privacy, you can simply change your caller ID so that it shows up as your real estate office number.  Doctors, lawyers, sales associates, and professionals across a variety of industries love the security and privacy call spoofing affords them.

A Rochester, NY area real estate professional with more than 150 student apartment units, who prefers to keep his identity private said the following;

“Call spoofing is a tool that helps us serve our tenant’s needs and stay ahead of the curve in a very competitive market. We are able to use SpoofCard to maintain a single contact number so our customers can reach us no matter where we are physically located, and not having to recruit friends to call competitors to find out their pricing just saves us a lot of wasted time and energy.”

For landlords and real estate professionals looking to get started with SpoofCard, the service is available on the web at and as a mobile application in both the Apple and Google Play App stores.  Simply signup and purchase blocks of credits to begin changing your caller ID immediately.  To place a spoofed call, just enter the number you want to call, and the Caller ID you wish to display to the call recipient.  SpoofCard connects the call, and processes the spoofed caller ID.

You can even try SpoofCard for free on our Free Demo Page, to get a better idea of how it works, and how it could benefit your needs!

*Please note, the name will only appear if the number you are spoofing as, is already in their contacts or has a publicly listed name attached.

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