Dr. Spoof – How SpoofCard Can Help Doctors Call Their Patients On The Weekends

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Doctors have to work long hours and are almost always on call. As a result, they treasure their private time and privacy in their personal life and this includes keeping their personal numbers secret from their patients.

One thing doctors hate to do is make calls from their personal phones because they know their patients will then have access to them at anytime.

It’s not that doctors don’t love their patients or want to be reachable when something is urgent, but the fact is that they would rather have someone screen their incoming patient calls to protect the rare free time they have. Answering services are very effective at helping sort through incoming patient calls during off hours and routing the most urgent ones to the doctor.

So what is a doctor to do on the weekends when they have to call a patient? That’s where SpoofCard comes to the rescue. SpoofCard allows doctors to make calls from their cell phone but show their answering service as their caller ID rather than their personal number. As a result, doctors can use the convenience of their cell phone to call patients while having the peace of mind that their personal number is protected and that the patient has a number that they can reach them through.

As a doctor all you have to do is download our app (either for Android or iPhone) on your phone and add credits. From there you can call your patients on your personal cell phone easily through our app and your personal number will be protected.

Here is how to make a Spoof Call to one of your patients:

  1. Open the SpoofCard App on your cell phone

  2. Tap on “Make a Call”

  3. Add your patients number that you want to call in the first input

  4. Add the number for your office or your answering service in the second input (Caller ID patient will see when you call)

  5. Tap “Place Call”

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