Important Access Number Update

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Hey there! We’ve got an important update to share with you regarding some changes to our access numbers.

If Old Access Numbers Are Saying They’ve Been Disconnected:

Don’t worry! We’re in the process of updating access numbers, so some of them may not be accessible during this time. If you are affected, we have other numbers you can use in the meantime. If you are using our website or our app to set up your call, please ensure your Access Number is one of the following:
USA: +1-484-971-4939
Canada: +1-306-992-1020

On our website, you can select from the drop-down menu to select an Access Number. If you are using the SpoofCard app, tap the menu option “Settings” and then tap “Access Numbers” to confirm you are on one of the numbers listed above. Once you have updated it, your call will start processing.

If you are dialing directly into our Access Number to set up your calls, please ensure you are calling into one of the following Access Numbers:
USA: +1-215-554-6233
USA: +1-310-402-0576
Canada: +1-416-800-8950

Have questions?

We totally understand and we’re here to help! The best way to reach us is through our Live Chat option, available on our website at or through the app. Another way is to email us at We work quickly to respond within 24 hours or less. Hope to hear from you if we can help in any way!