Logging In To The New SpoofCard

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably reading it on the new and improved SpoofCard.com! We’re very excited about the new site and some of the changes we’ve made. One of the most important changes is how we handle logging in to SpoofCard.com, and eventually, how you’ll be logging in to all of our new mobile apps.

If you signed up for a SpoofCard account before June 13th 2012, you would have received a unique 8 or 9 digit PIN number to log in to SpoofCard.com, one of our mobile apps, or our phone based IVR. Once you received your PIN number, you probably either forgot it or spent a half hour trying to memorize it. No one liked trying to memorize a random 9 digit number. Not even us. So we decided to come up with a simpler solution for future.

Going forward, we’ll be using your registered phone number and a 4-6 digit security PIN code of your choice to log in to SpoofCard. The Old 8 and 9 digit PIN numbers will continue to be supported for now, but we’ll be asking you to update to the new login method when you log in. Additionally, we’re also offering the ability to use Facebook Connect, so you can sign in to SpoofCard with a single click. We think that this will make our upcoming mobile apps easier than ever before.

(Please note that the Facebook login option is completely optional, it’s simply for convenience, and will never have the ability to post to your Facebook account.)

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