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It’s not too often that we literally jump for joy, but today’s one of those days. Why? No, it’s not because of the Jonas Brother World Tour….but it does have to do with some major announcements that we’re about to lay on you. So you should think again before hitting that back button. Seriously, dude.

New SpoofCard site! New look, new feel, now with Worldwide support!

As you can see, we’ve launched a brand new! We’ve given the site a complete makeover; plus, we’ve added new features like international calling, a new click to call widget that’s embeddable on your site or blog. Also, the new click to call widget introduces two new features. You can now choose from a list of funny vanity Caller ID Names to display when calling landlines. For the first time ever you’re able to display things such as “Aloha”, “Ballin” and “I Love You” on the Caller ID Name display. Secondly, you can now choose to have your call sent “Straight To Voicemail” to avoid a time and spirit-sapping conversation with the person you’re calling.

SpoofCard goes international!

We’re also proud to announce that SpoofCard now supports international calling to over 200 countries! We almost peed our pants waiting to tell you that! But that’s not all. SpoofCard is also now available worldwide for the first time, with local access numbers in the UK, Brazil, France, Israel, Spain, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Mexico and Poland. We’ll be rolling out additional language support for these local access numbers in the near future.

We’ve also introduced new domestic and international access numbers. If you’re an existing SpoofCard customer, log into your account and choose the local access number nearest to you for your future calls.

Minutes are now Credits.

We had to make some minor adjustments in our system to support international destinations and the various pricing for those destinations. We were forced to move away from offering “minutes”, so now SpoofCard offers “credits”. Most destinations are 1 credit per minute, but some countries cost 2+ credits per minute, for example, spoofing to a UK mobile phone costs 3 credits per minute.

All accounts are currently setup to support dialing to 1 credit destinations. But when you log in to your SpoofCard account online, you’ll notice that you need to click the Verify My Account link in the Control Panel to enable dialing to 2+ credit destinations. This is just a standard security measure to deter fraudulent calls to more costly destinations.

Log in online to verify your account for dialing premium international destinations.

Did we mention that new SpoofCard users get 5 free credits just for installing our app?! Check out SpoofCard for Android and iPhone today!

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