SpoofCard’s Stance On The Truth In Caller ID Act

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We’ve witnessed an uproar over Caller ID spoofing in the media recently, primarily due to the United States House of Representatives passing H.R. 1258 (a.k.a. The Truth In Caller ID Act), and felt that it’s time for us to address our stance on the past, and present, legislation facing Caller ID spoofing. First off, it’s important to note that that H.R. 1258 has not been passed into law – it must first go to the Senate, where it must be approved, and from there it will reach the President, who must approve and sign the bill.

SpoofCard‘s position has been clear since we started: we in no way condone the use of our products for illegal activity. SpoofCard has always cooperated with law enforcement in cases where Caller ID spoofing has been abused.

SpoofCard actually supports carefully drafted legislation at the national level that holds callers liable if they use Caller ID spoofing to defraud or commit other separate criminal acts. With that being said, SpoofCard‘s main concern is that the legislation be done properly, so that the legislation is very clear as to what is not allowed.

Last week, MobileCrunch did a great story exposing how the current bill covers Caller ID spoofing for telemarketing and bomb threats scenarios, yet still leaves many questions open. The bill prohibits Caller ID spoofing done with intent to defraud or deceive. The question is what “deceive” may mean, which will need to be addressed by the Senate. You wouldn’t want your office PBX, Skype service, Google Voice service or any other service that may involve Caller ID transmissions, inadvertently affected due to this bill, would you?

In plain terms, this bill should not effect SpoofCard‘s ability to offer Caller ID spoofing services to the general public at large. Your SpoofCard account is not going to suddenly get shut down by the government either. This bill will put the responsibility on the end of the user to use the service within the law. This is no different than your responsibility to make proper use of the call recording feature SpoofCard also offers, which is controlled by telephone recording laws at both the state and federal level.

While the current version of the bill is working its way through the Senate, we’d love to hear stories from you, our passionate customers, about your legitimate uses of SpoofCard. We encourage you to use the comment form below to leave us a reply with your stories.

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